Monday, June 25, 2007

Rubillar KO's Opponent in First OPBF Defense

In his first defense of the Orient Pacific Boxing Federation light flyweight title, Juanito Rubillar performed exceedingly well with a smashing fifth round knockout victory over challenger Ken Nakajima of Japan. After training for some three months in a determined effort to put on an impressive showing and hopefully earn a world title shot, Rubillar came into the fight in the best shape of his life

Rubillar hurt Nakajima with vicious body shots and dropped him twice before putting him away for good at 2:42 of the fifth round. Rubillar improves his record to 42-10-7 with 19 knockouts with this while Nakajima dropped to 16-5 with 10 knockouts. The Filipino southpaw won the OPBF title with a seventh round TKO over tough young Indonesian Irfan Ogah on October 13, 2006 in Trece Martires City, Cavite.

Finkel Goes After Arum, Top Rank, and Manny

in the latest twist to the Manny Pacquiao saga, Shelly Finkel, Pacquiao’s former manager, is seeking unspecified damages that could amount to a tidy sum in filing a suit against the boxing icon, Bob Arum and Top Rank, Inc. The suit is for allegedly concealing vital information resulting in a breach of contract. Judd Burstein, Finkel’s lawyer submitted the case before the New York County Clerk’s Office last Friday. He also asked the defendants to reply to the complaint within 20 days.

Finkel was said to have met with Pacquiao in a New York City restaurant for about 30 minutes a few weeks ago. He was supposedly reviving talks of renewing his management contract that ended last Aug. 11. Allegedly, Finkel said Pacquiao’s promotional deal with Top Rank was not to his advantage. He explained that there were no specifics on a minimum purse, no time frame and no minimum number of fights on that contract. He then offered to relieve Pacquiao of the relationship with Arum’s group. The suit was filed , when it became apparent Pacquiao would not heed Finkel’s advice.

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