Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Great Article and Pacman Update

I just read an excellent boxing article written by Manny Pinol on why Philippine Sports suck. The article compares the sports program of Cuba and the Philippines and how can the sports program in the Philippines can be improved.

Cuba like the Philippines does not have a big budget for sports development yet it is the top producer of Olympic quality amateur boxers. Ingenuity and dedication on the part of Cuba's sports officials as well as an excellent sports program is the key to their amateur boxing success. Joel Casamayor is probably one of the best known professional fighters who was trained as an amateur in Cuba.

Anyway, the point is that we we can also duplicate Cuba's success if can apply the same principle in our Sports program. We need more dedicated sports officials whose main concern is the development of our athletes. We need to cleanse our Sports program of corrupt officials who are siphoning funds that are meant for Sports development.

On to Manny Pacquiao...

Next week, Manny Pacquiao is expected to face a crack legal team of Golden Boy Promotions when his deposition in Los Angeles. The deposition is in connection with the case filed by Golden Boy against Top Rank promoter Bob Arum for “tortuous interference” in their seven fight contract which Pacquiao signed in mid-September last year.

This was because Arum signed Pacquiao to a four-fight contract some two months later and the popular and exciting fighter turned his back on the Golden Boy contract. Pacquiao then fought under Arum after receiving $1 million as bonus which was twice as much as he received from by Golden Boy.

Pacquiao is expected to have trouble answering questions about the signing of a contract with Golden Boy and then signing another contract with Arum. This is because he received $1 million as compared to the $500,000 he took from Golden Boy.

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