Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bobby Pacquiao to Go For the KO Against Soto!

The game plan for Bobby pacquiao's upcoming fight against the very tough Humberto Soto would be to go for the knock out. The younger brother of Filipino ring idol Manny Pacquiao takes on the No. 2 WBC super featherweight contender at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Sunday, Manila Time. Freddie Roach says Bobby Pacquiao has the power to knock out Humberto Soto so they will definitely go for it.

The celebrated trainer said they will look “to close the distance and get this guy out of there”
in an interview with Brad Cooney of Boxing Talk. Even Manny Pacquiao himself expressed confidence that his younger brother would win. Booby had been training hard for the past two months at Roach’s Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles so he has the capability of finishing the fight early.

Additionally, Pacquao is “more hungry than ever”
besides training very hard. Roach also pointed out that Bobby is a good puncher and can defintely KO Soto if he catches him with a solid punch. Boobby has “great power” even if he doesn’t have the speed and combinations like his brother Manny. Of course, Roach realizes that it would be “tough” for Bobby to win on points against the very tough Soto so he will do his best to go for the knock out.

I personally think that Bobby will not be able to defeat Soto as he was very disappointing in his past fights. However, should he succeed in winning against Soto in a convincing manner, he will earn my respect and the respect of other boxing fans.

Manny Pacquiao Update

The are runors that a fat purse awaits Pacquiao if he will agree to fight Marco Antonio Barrera in a rematch. Reportedly its a fat eight-digit amount, which could refill his depleted bank account. Manny could earn more than 400 million pesos since the lowest eight figure amount is $10 million.

However, this deal would only be possible if the rematch will be promoted by Golden Boy Promotions. Since Bob Arum's Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions are fighting over who owns the right to Pacquiao's fights, the rematch is not really a big possibility. But then again, given Pacquiao's fickleness he might just make another crazy decision to defect to Golden Boy Promiotions.

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