Friday, June 8, 2007

No Rematch Against Barrera or Marquez for Pacman

Richard Schaefer, the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, said that despite the pronouncements of Top Rank promoter Bob Arum that he was working on a rematch between Manny Pacquiao and legendary Mexican Marco Antonio Barrera on September 15, either of the fights can't happen.

He explained that
on September 15 the current WBC super feather weight champion Juan Manuel Marquez (47-3-1, 35 KO’s) will fight the exciting Jorge “La Hiena” Barrios of Argentina (47-3-1, 34 KP’s) at the plush MGM Grand. He also informed Viva Sports/Manila Standard Today that Barrera wants to do “an easy fight next” coming off his tough and classic battle against Marquez.

Schaefer also made it clear, despite claims to the contrary by Arum who is remembered for his classic statement - yesterday I was lying, today I am telling the truth – that Barrera has “several fights left with us (Golden Boy)” although Arum has spread the word that Barrera is tied down for only one more fight and wanted a rematch with Pacquiao to avenge his November 2003 demolition in San Antonio, Texas.

Well, that means Pacquiao may face Edwin Valero, Joan Guzman or Humberto Soto on September 15. As he has had a tune up fight against Jorge Solis, it's a big possibility that Pacquiao will not fight another tune up opponent. However, I'm not giving up on a rematch yet. After all, a Manny Pacquiao rematch with either Marquez or Barrera is what we boxing fans want.


Double Jay said...

I think Manny's opponent next would be Humberto. Given the scenario that transpired, Bobby was KOed, then Pacman made the grand statement of avenging his brother's loss. It has somewhat turn into a drama hoping that the fans will eagerly pursue.
I just hope the match against Soto, if it indeed will prosper, would not end up the way Solis did last April.

merjoem32 said...

Thanks for making a comment. I agree, Manny wants to avenge his brother. Anyway, a Paqcquiao vs. Soto fight is a lot more feasible than other fights since both pugilists are under Top Rank. I have no complains, Soto is a worthy opponent for the Pacman.