Monday, July 28, 2008

AJ Banal Falls, Benabe Concepcion Triumphs

Pinoy boxing has a taste of both sweet victory and bitter defeat this week. First let's take on the bad news first so that you'll feel better at the end of this post.

One of the brightest Pinoy boxing prospect has fallen. AJ Banal experienced his first defeat at the hands of Panama's Rafael Concepcion in front of the hometown crowd in Cebu City yesterday. According to reports Banal was in control during the entire match and was even leading in the scorecards by the ninth round.

However, the tough Concepcion was able to withstand Banal's attack and was able to outlast and finish the exhausted Banal in the tenth round. Banal was said to be extremely exhausted at he end of the fight that he had to be rushed to a hospital.

Now the question needs to be asked? Will Banal be able to bounce back from this loss? Some might question his stamina. I think this is his first time to fight in the late rounds. Perhaps he will end up like Z Gorres who performed well against Darchinyan and Montiel before losing steam and eventually losing or earning a highly controversial draw.

I mus admit that I was not expecting Banal to lose but this is a good lesson for him. He needs to work on his stamina. He has good power but he has to realize that he can't knock everyone out and he has to prepare to battle into the late rounds. Let's hope that he can recover and fully fulfill his potential.

Let's move on to some good news. Bernabe Concepcion another top Philippine boxing prospect and the current
North American Boxing Federation (NABF) super bantamweight champion, defeated Adam Carrera in the third round. their match was part of the undercard for the Cotto-Margarito superfight.

Here's a video of the third round of the fight:

Bernabe Concepcion has been impressive in his international outings. His trainer Aljoe Jaro said that he is ready for a title shot. I agree with that but I would still like to see Concepcion domiunate a real contender before he challenges for a title.

Well, that's if for this post. i hope that our pinoy boxing prospects will have better luck next time.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Pacman Destroys Diaz in Nine Bloody Rounds

Pacman just took the lightweight division by storm with his impressive performance against David Diaz. The Pinoy Boxing icon took the WBC lightweight Title with his first fight in the division.

The Filipino boxing icon used his superior speed, quickness and power to wrest the WBC belt from the defending champion. Pacquiao battered Diaz for nine rounds causing numerous cuts and bruises which erupted all over the champion's face. The fight ended mercifully at the ninth round when Pacquiao landed a short left that laid Diaz face first on the canvass. The referee did not bother with a count and announced Pacquiao the winner by TKO.

Although Pacquiao was favored to win this fight, many boxing experts did not expect a one sided beating. Many boxing predictions projected that Manny would win by UD and some by late KO. However, they did not foresee that Pacquiao would totally dominate Diaz.

I personally thought that Diaz would offer some form of resistance against the Pinoy boxing star. Well, he did last for 9 rounds which is a testament of his toughness. However, he was virtually a punching bag in those rounds. He was trying to land some punches but Pacquiao is just too quick and fast for his punches to do significant damage.

Some boxing pundits describe Diaz as a fighter who is willing to take two punches to land a single oner. However, against Pacquiao, it was more like five or six punches to a single Diaz punch. And it's a known fact that Manny hits hard so a even a two to one exchange may not have worked for Diaz.

With this win, Pacquiao became one of the best fighters to come out of Asia. He has won four world titles in different divisions. He won titles at flyweight, super bantamweight, super feather weight and light weight division. This success makes him the most accomplished Asian fighter of all time.

Now, what's next for Pacman? Well, recent boxing updates and news indicate that Bob Arum is trying to get Edwin Valero as next Pacquiao opponent. That fight will be one of the top fights that can be made for this year. Valero is feared for his power and all of his fights have ended in KO victories, most of them in the first round. Now that the V-nom ( Valero) has been cleared to fight in the US, a mega fight against Pacman has become possible.

There are also a lot of talks about a fight against Ricky Hatton in early 2009. Many observers point out that Pacquiao seems to be at ease at the 135 lb division and can easily make the transition to 140 lbs. I don't know if Pacquiao can carry his strong points to junior welter weight but a fight against Ricky Hatton will surely bring big bucks for the Filipino boxing star.

Well, I guess we all just have to wait and see what Bob Arum can come up for Manny's next fight. One things for sure. We'll all be cheering for Manny come fight time.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Pacquiao VS Diaz This Weekend!

Its only two days before Manny Pacquiao meets David Diaz in his debut at the light weight division. The Pinoy boxing icon will challenge Diaz for his WBC title. I'm very excited to watch this fight and see if Pacquiao can make an impact on the light weight division. But there's one little problem.

Last Saurday, Typhoon Fengshen or Frank ravaged Iloilo and covered it in mud and water. As a result, power lines are down and many towns still do not have electricity including my hometown. We haven't had electricity for a week now which proves how devastating the effects of typhoon affected our region.

Well, the typhoon wasn't that powerful but the flood that came with it was really destructive. I witnessed the rising waters because I had been foolish enough to travel in the middle of a raging storm. I saw people frantically trying to escape the flood waters as I am being "rescued" together with others stranded by the deluge.

But I'm not here to talk about that tragedy. After all, this is a Philippine boxing blog. But that's my problem. If we still won't have electricity by Sunday, then I won't be able to watch Pacquiao-Diaz live (well, technically none of Pacquiao's international fights on national TV are live because of the delays).

Fortunately, I have heard rumors that the government will try their best to restore power to all the towns in my province. Maybe they know that the people's morale will be lifted by a Pacquiao victory. Well, I hope that they can fix this problem in time. Watching the fight as it happens is the best way to view a boxing match.

After surfing the web for predictions on this fight, I have noticed that Pacquiao is expected to win. Well, that's not a difficult prediction to make because people feel that Diaz is a hand picked opponent and the weakest among the lightweight titlists. However, I feel that Diaz is a live opponent who will not give up his title easily. As the bigger man with a good chin, he is capable of pulling the upset.

Filipino Boxing Updates:

I've just found out that another Pinoy boxing champ, Nonito Donaire, has signed a deal with Bob Arum. Apparently, Donaire decided to junk his contract with Gary Shaw because he is not getting any fights. His last fight was against Luis Maldonado last December and he needs a fight to keep him in top shape.

I think this is a good decision on Donaire's part. Arum is perfectly capable of setting up the fights he need to become successful in his boxing career. Inactivity can cost him his title just as in the case of Florante Condes.

Friday, June 20, 2008

June Pinoy Boxing Updates

It's only a week before Pacquiao's next fight. And I'm obviously excited. I hope that we see another exciting and nerve racking fight like Pacquiao-Marquez 2.

Since, the fight is approaching, I heard that both fighters are in the final stages of their preparations. Both parties claim that their fighter is in great shape and are ready to go to war. Well, I hope that Manny Pacquiao and David Diaz are in their best come June 28. Two fighter at their best and giving it their all makes a great fight.

I also noticed that Pacquiao is being favored to win this fight. I guess thats a logical prediction because Manny is a pound for pound fighter while Diaz probably doesn't make it to the top 20 in the P4P rankings. But I think that Diaz is no push over. He's the bigger fighter and I'm not sure if Pacquiao's punches will be very effective against him.

Well, I guess we just have to wait and see. Now let's move o to Philippine boxing updates.

Sadly, Florante Condes lot his IBF miniflyweight title by decision to Mexican Raul Garcia in La Paz, Mexico. Condes won the title about a year ago but promotional squabbles left him inactive. Some say he lost due to inactivity and bad management.

Of course, Garcia also performed well to take the title away from the Filipino champ. He used his boxing skills to avoid Cnodes power punches to earn a decision. Condes was able to score a knockdown in the final round but he was unable to stop the Mexican challenger. Fortunately, Condes is talented and I think he will get another shot at a title.

Pinoy boxing prospect, AJ Bazooka Banal has been scheduled to face
Rafael “Little Bull” Concepcion for the vacant WBA superflyweight title. This is a big break for Banal. he has been impressive in his recent performances. Reports say that he is working hard to prepare for the biggest fight of his career. Let's see if he be successful with his first try at a world title.

WBO bantamweight champion Gerry Penalosa is facing a dilemma. H has yet to make a decision on fighting Nestor Rocha. This match is scheduled to happen on the undercard of the battle between lightweight champion Joel Casamayor and former WBC super featherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez on September 13 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Reports say that
Penalosa is having problems with the purse for the fight. He is being offered a measly purse of $100,000. Rocha holds a fight record of 18-1 with 6 knockouts and the Pinoy boxing star is expecting a bigger purse against a decent challenger.

Penalosa has also expressed concern over running out of time. he is already at an advanced age and there is no clear possibility of him facing another high profile opponent. he was asking for a rematch against Daniel Ponce de Leon but that has become a remote possibility when De Leon suffered a KO loss at the hand of rising star JuanManuel Lopez.

Well, I hope that Pinoy boxing will have a good month. That means a victory for Manny Pacquiao. He is favored in the fight and he has to make up for Condes' loss. If Manny wins, then Philippine boxing will have 4 world titlists and a P4P champion.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Manny Pacquiao No. 1 Pound for Pound!

With Floyd "Money" Mayweather announcing his official "retirement", the Ring Magazine, the recognized “Bible of boxing" elevated Pinoy boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao to the top spot of its pound-for-pound ratings.

Well, this is certainly a great achievement for Pacquiao. He is the first Filipino boxer to be ranked no. 1 of the P4P rankings. He is probably the first Asian to hold the coveted top spot. He has been ranked number two behind Floyd for some time now so it's logical that he'll take over now that Floyd has hung up his gloves.

Granted, the P4P rankings are subjective and every one can make a list of the top active boxers. However. the Ring has the respect of many boxing fans and the rankings are decided upon by boxing writers and experts. The list offers an alternative to the muddied rankings found on the different boxing organization.

Then again, since Golden Boy now owns The Ring there have been talks about the rankings being biased towards Pacquiao. Golden boy shares Pacquiao with Top Rank so marketing Pacquiao as the top P4P boxer certainly seems a good business move.

It's also important to consider the Pacman's top competitor for the top P4P spot. Joe Calzaghe is also a very good candidate for the top boxer in the world. he is undefeated and is coming off a string of high profile wins against Hopkins, Kessler and Lacy.

Well, I think Pacquiao's performance against Diaz will prove if he indeed deserves the top spot in the P4P rankings. If he can knock out Diaz then it will solidify his status. It will also bring him more high profile and lucrative fights.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Manny Pacquiao Stamps Mania!

Getting your face on a stamp is a great honor. You need to be famous to gain the prestige of having your mug on a stamp. Of course, if you're a member of an endangered species then you probably won't have any difficulty in seeing yourself in the mail. Anyway, enough with the corny jokes. I just found out that postage stamps featuring Pinoy boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao, went on sale a few days ago.

The initial offering of four Manny Pacquiao stamps mounted on a cover and costing P7 each. This is a clear indication that Pacquiao will be known as one of the great sports heroes in Philippine sports. I think I need to find out where I can get these stamps. Someday I might be able to tell my children and grand children the story behind the stamps of a smiling guy with boxing gloves.

Manny Pacquiao Training Camp Updates

At the moment, the Philippine boxing hero is busy preparing for his lightweight debut against
WBC champ David Diaz. This boxing event has been named “Lethal Combination” and will be held at the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on June 28.

To promote this lightweight showdown, Pacquiao and Diaz held a free public workout at the West Wind Martial Arts School in Berkley. Both fighters captivated fans with their pugilistic skills and whetted their appetites for the showdown at Las Vegas.

Reports say that trainer Freddie Roach has
recruited an aggressive southpaw to help Pacquiao prepare for Diaz. Diaz is a southpaw like Pacquiao so this will be an interesting fight. Most of Pacquiao's opponents have been orthodox fighters so it will be interesting to see how Pacquiao handles Diaz.

Some boxing experts say that that Pacquiao's southpaw stance has been a big advantage against his opponents. Indeed Pacquiao has been considered a rare breed among south paws because of his punching power. Powerful lefties are apparently a rare breed in boxing. Now the question is, will he lose this advantage against Diaz. I guess we'll have to see. Perhaps Diaz will also find difficulty in facing another south paw.

Then there is also the question of the new weight class. Will the Filipino boxing phenom lose all the attributes that made him successful when he steps up in weight? If Pacquiao loses his power and speed then he will find it difficult to be effective against Diaz. Pacquiao's strength has always been his offense. How can he win if he can't hurt Diaz? I guess we'll find out on June 28.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pinoy Boxers Repel Invasion!

Well, I know that this topic is late by a few weeks but I would like to blog about it anyway because it's a significant victory for Pinoy boxing. I am pretty busy lately so I was unable to post on this when it was fresh. This blog has now achieve Google's PR 4 so I'm now motivated to make a post.

Anyway, in the early part of this month, Pinoy boxing champions and champions displayed their pugilistic prowess against challengers from all corners of the world. The promotion was aptly named "Invasion: Philippines versus the World" to emphasize that our boxers were defending their belts and our country's honor against fighters from Uruguay, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia and Korea.

As you probably know, the invasion turned into a massacre when our boxers defeated their opponents in impressive fashion.
Ciso Morales stopped Korean boxer Yoo Shin Kim on the fifth round. Morales' performance may have earned him a fight in the US.

AJ Banal performed very well when
he scored a technical knockout in the fourth round against Caril Herrera an undefeated fighter from Montevideo, Uruguay. Herrera was rumored to be suffering from the effects of a 30 hour flight and may have not performed at his best. However, Banal had no choice but to do his job and impress the Filipino boxing fans.

Bautista resumed his comeback at the world stage by going
up against a Mexican fighter, Genaro Camargo. Rey Bautista displayed patience as he pounded his opponent into submission in the second round. Boom Boom may need to step up his competition and perform well to prove that he deserves another title shot.

In the main event,
Gerry Penalosa successfully defended the WBO Bantamweight title against Thailand's Ratanachai Sor Vorapin of Thailand. This came as no surprise to me as
Penalosa knocked Vorapin out in their first encounter. The Thai did not come to lose but Gerry was simply too good for him. The question now is what's next for Gerry. I think he should retire if he can't get a high profile fight against Daniel Ponce de Leon, Israel Vasquez or Rafael Marquez.

Other Philippine boxing prospects also performed well after the big main event. Bert Batawang stopped Indonesian Henri Amol in seven rounds and Michael Domingo of the ALA Gym disposed Themimint Sor Chitapattana of Thailand in two rounds.

The success of our boxers in this promotion was a victory for Pinoy boxing. These promotions will attract promoters and open more opportunities for our fighters. We have to honor them for doing their best and taking advantage of the local crowd support to
come up with the victory.