Friday, June 20, 2008

June Pinoy Boxing Updates

It's only a week before Pacquiao's next fight. And I'm obviously excited. I hope that we see another exciting and nerve racking fight like Pacquiao-Marquez 2.

Since, the fight is approaching, I heard that both fighters are in the final stages of their preparations. Both parties claim that their fighter is in great shape and are ready to go to war. Well, I hope that Manny Pacquiao and David Diaz are in their best come June 28. Two fighter at their best and giving it their all makes a great fight.

I also noticed that Pacquiao is being favored to win this fight. I guess thats a logical prediction because Manny is a pound for pound fighter while Diaz probably doesn't make it to the top 20 in the P4P rankings. But I think that Diaz is no push over. He's the bigger fighter and I'm not sure if Pacquiao's punches will be very effective against him.

Well, I guess we just have to wait and see. Now let's move o to Philippine boxing updates.

Sadly, Florante Condes lot his IBF miniflyweight title by decision to Mexican Raul Garcia in La Paz, Mexico. Condes won the title about a year ago but promotional squabbles left him inactive. Some say he lost due to inactivity and bad management.

Of course, Garcia also performed well to take the title away from the Filipino champ. He used his boxing skills to avoid Cnodes power punches to earn a decision. Condes was able to score a knockdown in the final round but he was unable to stop the Mexican challenger. Fortunately, Condes is talented and I think he will get another shot at a title.

Pinoy boxing prospect, AJ Bazooka Banal has been scheduled to face
Rafael “Little Bull” Concepcion for the vacant WBA superflyweight title. This is a big break for Banal. he has been impressive in his recent performances. Reports say that he is working hard to prepare for the biggest fight of his career. Let's see if he be successful with his first try at a world title.

WBO bantamweight champion Gerry Penalosa is facing a dilemma. H has yet to make a decision on fighting Nestor Rocha. This match is scheduled to happen on the undercard of the battle between lightweight champion Joel Casamayor and former WBC super featherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez on September 13 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Reports say that
Penalosa is having problems with the purse for the fight. He is being offered a measly purse of $100,000. Rocha holds a fight record of 18-1 with 6 knockouts and the Pinoy boxing star is expecting a bigger purse against a decent challenger.

Penalosa has also expressed concern over running out of time. he is already at an advanced age and there is no clear possibility of him facing another high profile opponent. he was asking for a rematch against Daniel Ponce de Leon but that has become a remote possibility when De Leon suffered a KO loss at the hand of rising star JuanManuel Lopez.

Well, I hope that Pinoy boxing will have a good month. That means a victory for Manny Pacquiao. He is favored in the fight and he has to make up for Condes' loss. If Manny wins, then Philippine boxing will have 4 world titlists and a P4P champion.

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