Friday, June 27, 2008

Pacquiao VS Diaz This Weekend!

Its only two days before Manny Pacquiao meets David Diaz in his debut at the light weight division. The Pinoy boxing icon will challenge Diaz for his WBC title. I'm very excited to watch this fight and see if Pacquiao can make an impact on the light weight division. But there's one little problem.

Last Saurday, Typhoon Fengshen or Frank ravaged Iloilo and covered it in mud and water. As a result, power lines are down and many towns still do not have electricity including my hometown. We haven't had electricity for a week now which proves how devastating the effects of typhoon affected our region.

Well, the typhoon wasn't that powerful but the flood that came with it was really destructive. I witnessed the rising waters because I had been foolish enough to travel in the middle of a raging storm. I saw people frantically trying to escape the flood waters as I am being "rescued" together with others stranded by the deluge.

But I'm not here to talk about that tragedy. After all, this is a Philippine boxing blog. But that's my problem. If we still won't have electricity by Sunday, then I won't be able to watch Pacquiao-Diaz live (well, technically none of Pacquiao's international fights on national TV are live because of the delays).

Fortunately, I have heard rumors that the government will try their best to restore power to all the towns in my province. Maybe they know that the people's morale will be lifted by a Pacquiao victory. Well, I hope that they can fix this problem in time. Watching the fight as it happens is the best way to view a boxing match.

After surfing the web for predictions on this fight, I have noticed that Pacquiao is expected to win. Well, that's not a difficult prediction to make because people feel that Diaz is a hand picked opponent and the weakest among the lightweight titlists. However, I feel that Diaz is a live opponent who will not give up his title easily. As the bigger man with a good chin, he is capable of pulling the upset.

Filipino Boxing Updates:

I've just found out that another Pinoy boxing champ, Nonito Donaire, has signed a deal with Bob Arum. Apparently, Donaire decided to junk his contract with Gary Shaw because he is not getting any fights. His last fight was against Luis Maldonado last December and he needs a fight to keep him in top shape.

I think this is a good decision on Donaire's part. Arum is perfectly capable of setting up the fights he need to become successful in his boxing career. Inactivity can cost him his title just as in the case of Florante Condes.

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