Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pinoy Boxers Repel Invasion!

Well, I know that this topic is late by a few weeks but I would like to blog about it anyway because it's a significant victory for Pinoy boxing. I am pretty busy lately so I was unable to post on this when it was fresh. This blog has now achieve Google's PR 4 so I'm now motivated to make a post.

Anyway, in the early part of this month, Pinoy boxing champions and champions displayed their pugilistic prowess against challengers from all corners of the world. The promotion was aptly named "Invasion: Philippines versus the World" to emphasize that our boxers were defending their belts and our country's honor against fighters from Uruguay, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia and Korea.

As you probably know, the invasion turned into a massacre when our boxers defeated their opponents in impressive fashion.
Ciso Morales stopped Korean boxer Yoo Shin Kim on the fifth round. Morales' performance may have earned him a fight in the US.

AJ Banal performed very well when
he scored a technical knockout in the fourth round against Caril Herrera an undefeated fighter from Montevideo, Uruguay. Herrera was rumored to be suffering from the effects of a 30 hour flight and may have not performed at his best. However, Banal had no choice but to do his job and impress the Filipino boxing fans.

Bautista resumed his comeback at the world stage by going
up against a Mexican fighter, Genaro Camargo. Rey Bautista displayed patience as he pounded his opponent into submission in the second round. Boom Boom may need to step up his competition and perform well to prove that he deserves another title shot.

In the main event,
Gerry Penalosa successfully defended the WBO Bantamweight title against Thailand's Ratanachai Sor Vorapin of Thailand. This came as no surprise to me as
Penalosa knocked Vorapin out in their first encounter. The Thai did not come to lose but Gerry was simply too good for him. The question now is what's next for Gerry. I think he should retire if he can't get a high profile fight against Daniel Ponce de Leon, Israel Vasquez or Rafael Marquez.

Other Philippine boxing prospects also performed well after the big main event. Bert Batawang stopped Indonesian Henri Amol in seven rounds and Michael Domingo of the ALA Gym disposed Themimint Sor Chitapattana of Thailand in two rounds.

The success of our boxers in this promotion was a victory for Pinoy boxing. These promotions will attract promoters and open more opportunities for our fighters. We have to honor them for doing their best and taking advantage of the local crowd support to
come up with the victory.

Friday, April 4, 2008

“Invasion – Philippines vs The World”

This weekend, Pinoy boxing will once again showcase its pugilistic talent in a loaded promotion that features Philippine boxing prospects and champions. The promotion is headlined by WBO bantamweight champion Gerry Peñalosa who will face former world champion Ratanachai Sor Vorapin for the second time.

Peñalosa defeated Sor Vorapin by KO in their first meeting but will he able to to beat him again to defend his title? We'll find out this weekend. Sor Vorapin will not enter Philippine territory to lose. I expect him to be hungry and wary of committing the same mistakes against Gerry.

Filipino boxing prospect, AJ Banal will also face another test when he battles Caril “El Raton” Herrera. Herrera is an undefeated fighter out of Uruguay with an impressive record of 21-0, 13 KO’s. However, a quick look at the quality of his opponents show that Banal will probably be his toughest opponent yet. Nevertheless, on paper he seems like a fine opponent for AJ Banal.

Rey "BooM Boom" Bautista continues on his comeback journey when he faces Mexico’s Genaro Camargo. Bautista's opponent has a record of 13 wins, 3 losses with 10 KO's. It's not a very impressive record but it shows that Camargo can punch and hurt Bautista.

The other bouts included in this promotion include Ciso “Kid Terrible” Morales against South Korea’s Yoo Shin Kim, Bert Batawang against rugged Indonesian Heri Amol and Michael Domingo against Thepnimit Sor Chitpattana.

This looks like a very entertaining promotion. I hope our boxers can perform well and display courage on the ring. They will have the support of the local fans (and maybe the judges) so I think they will put on a good show.