Tuesday, July 31, 2007

End of July Pinoy Boxing Updates

World Cup of Boxing

The members of the Philippine team has stepped up their training with the Philippine vs. Mexico World Cup of Boxing just two weeks away. On August 11, the boxing special between top Filipino and Mexican boxers is set to explode at the Arco Arena in Sacramento.

Top boxing trainer, Freddie Roach of the Wildcard Gym said the Philippines teams training habits are great. According to him, all the Filipino fighters train over 110 percent so he has no worries over their upcoming bouts. He also describes them as very good, very disciplined, and very conditioned.

Gorres' Eye Injury

If eye specialist Dr. Steven Steinschriber finds that the tiny tear in Z Goress' retina has healed, then Gorres will go ahead with his IBF super flyweight eliminator against Gerson Guerrero in the Philippines-Mexico boxing World Cup.

It was discovered that Gorress had a tear in one of his retinasduring a routine medical checkup for the Filipino boxers deep in training for the classic showdown. Dr. Steinschriber subsequently performed laser surgery to correct the tear and said that depending on his checkup on August 6the flashy southpaw may still be able to fight.

Manny Pacquiao Update

Pacquiao has filed a P30-million libel case against sportswriter Nick Giongco of the Manila Bulletin. An article written by Giongco in the newspaper’s July 25 issue triggered the filing of the case in General Santos City.

The phrase, “he is reported to be a compulsive gambler and is known to bet hundreds of thousands in casinos, cockfighting and billiards” is just one of the items that caught the ire of the Pinoy boxing superstar.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Gorres may Still Fight on The "World Cup" of Boxing Despite Eye Injury

After a routine medical check up conducted on the seven Filipino boxers scheduled to battle Mexican opponents at the Arco Arena in the eagerly awaited “World Cup” of boxing, it was discovered that Z Gorres has a small tear in one of his retinas.

This discovery prompted the California Commission to withhold approval of the IBF super flyweight eliminator between Gorres and Gerson Guerrero. The current plans for the event are for to trim the number of fights in the World Cup to six and former IBF flyweight challenger Diosdado Gabi to replace Gorres.

Top Pinoy boxing trainer Edito “Ala” Villamor described Gorres as being depressed after respected boxing patron Tony Aldeguer called up Gorres and broke the sad news to him. Since he was eagerly looking forward to the fight and a chance to help the Philippines win the World Cup, it was understandable that he is feeling depressed.

Fortunately, Z “The Dream” Gorres may still fight in the World Cup in Sacramento on August 11 according to the eye specialist who performed laser surgery to correct a tiny tear in his retina. However, indications are that the flashy southpaw will not fight.

The doctor said that the operation performed on Gorres “supposed to protect the eye and cure it in sixteen days but he would know if Gorres can fight on August 11 after checking him out on August 6.”

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

"World Cup" of Boxing Updates

According to Ed de la Vega, the Pinoy boxers that will be competing on the "World Cup" of boxing are all doing well with their training. Top Filipino boxing trainer Edito Villamor said, They" are all where they should be in terms of their preparation and weight.”

The Pinoy boxers are feeling less homesick because the heat wave in the Los Angeles basin is creating a muggy and humid weather. According to de la Vega, Michael Domingo shy and reserved since he is a first timer at the Wildcard Gym. However, he is keeping his focus on getting his job done at the bags and during sparring. Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista on the other hand, is eagerly looking forward to his title fight. Let us hope that his enthusiasm will translate into a win against Ponce de Leon.

There are a few changes to thebouts of the "world Cup" of Boxing. First Bert Batawang of Cebu will now take on Gerardo Verde in a 12-round IBF junior flyweight eliminator. Batawang was originally scheduled to face Francisco Rosas but that has been changed. Verde sports a record of 15-4, with 11 KO's.

It was al;so announced that Diosdado 'Prince' Gabi will face Mexican Jose Angel 'Pepe' Beranza in an 8-round encounter.The hard-hitting Beranza has a record of 30 wins, 9 losses, 2 draws with 25 KO's. He decisioned Filipino Vernie Torres in his last fight.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More on Amonsot

Czar Amonsot will be released from the hospital later this day after a series of tests was conducted by specialists at the Valley Medical Center. Two CT Scans were conducted on Amonsot and one of those test showed that there was a little bit of bleeding.

This probably means that the Nevada State Athletic Commission won’t clear Amonsot to fight again. This is due to the stringent enforcement of regulations to protect fighters. Amonsot is currently being “indefinitely suspended” because of the medical findings and will not be licensed to fight again in Nevada.

However, the story does not end there. A few boxing writers have expressed their concern on the actions of Dr. David Watson, the ring side referee during the Katsidis-Amonsot fight. Richard Lois of Boxing confidential wrote about how Doctor David Watson set dangerous precedent in Katsidis’ bloody Saturday night victory and that improper boxing officials should be investigated.

Richard Lois has in fact taken it to another level by taking the liberty of starting an online petition asking the Nevada State Athletic Commission to investigate Watson's actions. If you want to support the petition, then just click here.

The brutal encounter between Amonsot and Katsidis has also triggered James Slater to compile a list of some of the worst cuts and facial wounds in recent boxing history in an article at Eastsideboxing.com. If you want to relive some of boxing's bloodiest moments, then feel free to read Mr. Slaters' Badges Of Honour article.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Update on Ala Boys' Training and Amonsot's Condition

In preparation for the August 11 'World Cup' of boxing at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California the ALA Boys are doing all the hard work at the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood. As they want to bring honor to Pinoy boxing and world title back home to the Philippines, the Pinoy fighters are giving it their best.

For instance, Rey 'Boom Boom' Bautista and AJ Banal are doing daily rounds on the punchmitt and on the hitting the heavy bag. They are undoubtedly inspired the valiant display of courage by Czar Amonsot in his losing effort against Michael Katsidis. Amonsot showed great heart in getting up after two knockdowns and making Katsidis work hard for twelve rounds to keep his title.

However, he has to be confined in the ICU at a Las Vegas Hospital after a CT Scan detected what appeared to be a “little blood clot in his brain.” The doctors in charge of his care decided to administer three more CT Scans on Czar Amonsot following initial findings that he may have had a little blood clot in his brain.

Fortunately, Tony Martin, Amonsots' cut man said that Czar is in great spirits. He was also informed by the medical staff that Czar will have one more test and he will be released with a clean bill of health should the results all be well.

He also explained that Czar has had so many tests plus the hospital because the Nevada Athletic Commission are very strict. They need to be one hundred percent sure that Amonsot is well before they can release him so that they can comply with the legal side of things.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Goodluck Czar!

WBO Asia Pacific lightweight champion Czar Amonsot will attempt to continue the Filipinos winning streak this upcoming weekend. He wants to add one more world title to the IBF crowns won by the classy Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire and the rugged Florante “The Little Pacquiao” Condes earlier this month.

However, Amonsot has to overcome the current WBO interim champion Michael Katsidis. Katsidis is regarded as one of the most exciting fighters today and a certified knockout artist who has an undefeated record of 22-0 with 20 KO’s. Furthermore, he has won thirteen fights in a row within the distance.

Despite his opponents fearsome record and reputation, Amonsot is very confident that fight fans can't ask for more from him during this fight. Amonsot has sparred more than sixty rounds and is in top condition. He also realizes that he can't afford to let his chance go by.

At the present, he weighs a very trim 134.6 lbs, a shade below the lightweight limit. this means that he is all set for the official weigh-in set tomorrow at the Mandalay Bay.

Well, there is nothing more we Pinoy boxing fans do but pray and hope for Amonsot's victory. We know that he will give it his best and showcase the courage and determination of Pinoy boxers.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Amonsot and Katsidis Plus Other Boxing Updates

The reigning champion Michael Katsidis of Australia and Filipino challenger Czar Amonsot of the ALA Boxing Gym are making their final preparations for their upcoming bout. The fighters have both arrived at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

The pugilists will battle it out for the WBA interim lightweight title in a 12-round war underneath the Bernard Hopkins-Winky Wright superbout. According to reports, both of them are in top shape for their upcoming battle. Let us hope that Amonsot can sustain this month's run of big wins of Pinoy boxers.

Pongsaklek Losses Title!

In another shocking upset, Pongsaklek Wongjongkam of Thailand lost his WBC flyweight title with a decision loss to Japanese Daisuke Naito. This is truly shocking as Pongsaklek has defeated Naito twice and knocked him out in record time during a title defense. In fact, many journalist have criticized this match up as a mismatch based on what happened in their previous meetings. This just shows that anything can happen in boxing.

Judges Bruce McTavish and Stephen Blea both scored the bout 116-113 while Hubert Minn saw it 115-113 all for the now champion Naito. Wongjongkam loses the chance for a possible unification duel with IBF flyweight champ Nonito Donaire of the Philippines because of this unexpected loss.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Santillan KO's Marumoto to Regain OPBF Crown

It seems that July is really a great month for Pinoy boxing as Rev 'Gentle Giant' Santillan has just regained the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation (OPBF) welter title. He did it impressively via a in the sixth round one-punch technical knockout victory over defending champion Taesei Marumoto at the Archaic Hall in Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan.

Marumoto was conveniently ahead on all the three judges’ scorecards entering the sixth round of the 12-round championship when Santillan unleashed a lethal left to the jaw. The punch sent the Japanese champion down, the ropes protected him from falling out the ring.

Australian referee-judge Brad Vocale administered the mandatory count as the defending OPBF champion struggled to his feet. However, Matsumoto couls not regain his balance fell to the canvas flat on his back for good. Santillan improves to 24 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw, 17 KO's with this very impressive win.

I am very proud of Rev, since I am also from Iloilo. I have also monitored his boxing career when i was still studying in Cebu. I also met him twice in person. The first time was aboard a ship bound for Iloilo when he was apparently accompanying a relative who was going home. I also meet him at inside one of the shops in Iloilo city when i was buying glass beads. However, I did not have the courage to approach him.

Well, he is a very physically imposing person. He stands nearly six feet tall and has bulging, rock hard muscles. They call him the "Gentle Giant" but he does not look very gentle in person. Anyway, I am happy that he has regained his title and I hope that he will continue to dominate the welter weight division in the Orient.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Mid July Pinoy Boxing Updates

This is a continuation to the last I made yesterday. It was meant to be an update but I decided that the story on Nonito Donaire and Wonjonkam's possible bout was enough.

This seems to be a great month for Pinoy boxers as ALA Boy Along Denoy took the WBO Asia Pacific light-flyweight crown with a shock l knockout victory over Kaichon Sor Vorapin in Thailand just a few hours ago. Denoy stopped Vorapin at the 2:40 mark of the fifth round to snatch the title away from Vorapin.

The ALA boy drew first blood early, knocking down Vorapin in the second round. He then continued his domination when he knocked Vorapin down twice in the fourth stanza. The fight was over when he scored two more knockdowns against Vorapin in the fifth round.

Meanwhile in japan, OPBF welterweight champion Taesei Marumoto and Filipino challenger Rev Santillan tipped the scales easily at 66.6 and 66.65, respectively for their 12-round championship fight. Their bout will be held tomorrow at the Amagasaki in Hyogo. Let us hope that Rev can regain the OPBF title and add to the success of Pinoy in this month. He has a good chance as he has beaten Marumoto three years ago.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wonjongkam Willing to Fight Donaire for the Right Price

Here are some of the current updates on the Pinoy boxing world. Most of these are the result of the impressive wins of Florante Condes and Nonito Donaire.

Let us begi8n with the "Filipino Flash." It seems that things are starting to heat up between him and WORLD Boxing Council (WBC) flyweight champion Pongsaklek Wonjongkam of Thailand. The Thai World flyweight champion has also expressed his willingness to defend his crown against fellow titleholder Nonito Donaire Jr. in the Philippines.

Piyarat Vachirarattanawongse, the manager of Wonjongkam, told the Bangkok Post that a lucrative offer may lure Wonjongkam to fight outside of Thailand and challenge the General Santos City-born Donaire in a unification bout.

Well, this will be an exciting one as undoubtedly pinoy boxing fans want to witness the demise of Wonjongkam. Wonjonkam took the title by knocking out Malcolm Tunacao in Thailand so seeing him beaten by a Filipino would be very sweet.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Newly-crowned Filipino IBF Minimumweight Champion Agrees to Rematch

Florante Condes, the newly-crowned IBF minimumweight champion has declared that he will agree to a rematch with former champion, Indonesian Muhammad Rachman, regardless of where the fight is held. Of course, the price has to be right, which is fair since he is now the champion.

The champion’s manager Aljoe Jaro, explained that, “There was no option clause in our contract because Condes was the mandatory challenger but we’ll do a rematch depending on the offer.” He added that, “We don’t care if we fight in Jakarta or anywhere else. Condes will beat Rachman again and again.”

Meanwhile, the champion is now preparing himself for his new found fame. He realizes that he needs preparation to face the media and numerous interviews after he steps out of a Philippine Airlines flight. He also know that this is a good time for him to improve his English speaking skills because he knows would be very useful especially when he meets the international press.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Two New Pinoy World Boxing Champs!

This is a great time for Pinoy boxing because we have two new world boxing champions. Florante Condes and Nonito Donaire won their title fights impressively to bring world titles home.

Nonito Donaire pulled a big upset over highly respected champion, Vic Darchinyan to bring home the world IBF flyweight championship. A "massive" left hook in the fifth round floored Darchinyan. The champion who bravely staggered back to his feet halfway through referee Eddie Claudio's count but he wobbled into the ropes and his trainer, Billy Hussein, entered the ring to spare him further punishment forcing Claudio to stop the fight.

On the other hand, Florante 'The Little Pacquiao' Condes won the IBF 105-lb crown with a split decision by showing tremendous power and fighting heart. He knocked down the champion Muhammad Rachman twice en route to a winning verdict. Judges Salven Lagumbay and Montol Suriyachand both scored 114-112 for Condes, while Muhammad Rois saw it 117-113 in favor of Rachman.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Latest Pinoy Boxing Updates

These are the weights from the weigh ins of fights involving Pinoy boxers.

In the upcoming IBF minimumweight world championship bout, Muhammad Rachman of Indonesia and challenger Florante Condes of the Philippines made weight during today's weigh-in and both appear to be in great shape. The champion, Rachman came in at 104.3 lbs while Condes tipped the scales at 103.8 lbs. To impress the spectators, Condes flexed his muscles ala Manny Pacquiao.

During today's weigh-in at the Waterfront Hotel & Casino in Cebu City, Donnie Nietes, the defending WBO Minifly title-holder of the Philippines made the required weight of 105 lbs on the second try after stepping in at 106 lbs on the first try. The challenger, Thailand's Seangpetch sor Sakulphan, came in at 105 lbs on the first try.

Rocky Fuentes of the ALA stable and Benedict Suico of the Wakee Salud stable both made weight at 112 lbs for their battle for the RP Flyweight Championship. The battle between knockout artists Fuentes and Suico is expected to steal the thunder from tomorrow's headliners.

Let's wish our Pinoy boxers good luck in their upcoming bouts. I hope that they can bring glory to our country.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Pinoy Boxers Fighting in Mismatches Overseas Continue

I want to post this today because I am disgusted with the ongoing practice of sending Pinoy boxers in mismatches against Thai boxers. In this article, veteran boxing writer, Ronnie Nathanielsz, writes about the mismatches in Thailand that are still happening after the ban against importing Pinoy boxers to Thailand was lifted.

It seems that we have not learned from the tragic death of Lito Sisnorio who died after fighting an obvious against former world flyweight champion, Chatchai Sasakul. I thought that the GAB will keep a tighter control in importing our fighters in Thailand but it seems that we are still sending our fighters to deadly mismatches.

I can understand that Thai matchmakers want to impress Thai boxing fans by letting their boxing superstars win against International fighters but they should understand that obvious mismatches are very dangerous. In addition, what good is a fight if one of the fighters has no chance of winning. Imagine pitting a fighter with a record of 6-7-3 with 5 knockouts against an experienced boxing star with a record of of 38-1 with 16 knockouts. They should at least let their fighter fight an opponent who has a chance of beating their fighter.

I hope The GAB can put a stop to this mismatches. The death of Lito Sisnorio is enough to wake us up. We don't need another tragedy to remind us that boxing is a dangerous sport and fighters can die due to the injuries they incur in the ring.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The First Pinoy World Champion

For today's post, I decided to feature the first Filipino World Champion. Francisco Guilledo was best known as Pancho Villa, the legendary World flyweight champion. He stood only five feet tall and never weighed more than 114 pounds but he is now considered as one of the best boxers to ever coma out of Asia. However, he is also remembered for the strange circumstances that surrounded his death when he was at his prime at the young age of twenty three.

Francisco was was born in Negros Occidental, in a little town called Ilog. He sailed to Iloilo City to work as a bootblack, to support his family after his father abandoned them. He befriended a local boxer while he was working in Iloilo,, and together they migrated to Manila, settling in Tondo.

He soon attracted the attention of local boxing promoters after he was seen occasionally sparring with friends. He fought his first professional fight in 1919 and became the Philippine flyweight champion within two years.

Pancho Villa received an invitation from famed boxing promoter Tex Rickard to fight in the United States in May, 1922. He accepted the invitation, and sailed to America to seek boxing glory.

On June 7, 1922, he won his first overseas fight against Abe Attel Goldstein in Jersey City. After more impressive performance in the ring, he was slated to fight against the American flyweight champion Johnny Buff on September 15, 1922.

He defeated Buff by knocking out the champion in the 11th round to win the American flyweight championship. Despite losing the championship in his next fight on a controversial decision, Pancho villa was chosen to fight Jimmy Wilde, the reigning Wold Flyweight Champion.

At the Polo Grounds in New York, Villa was cheered on to victory over Wilde by over 20,000 fans screaming "Viva Villa!" a crashing right to Wilde's jaw in the 7th round gave the belt to Villa buy way of a knockout. Those who witnessed the fight, described Villa as relentless as he pummeled Wilde with both hands en route to the KO victory.

He defended his world flyweight champion successfully several times and never relinquished it until his death just two years later. Villa returned to a heroes He welcome in Manila in September 1924, feted with a parade and a reception at MalacaƱan Palace. He also returned to his old haunts in Iloilo and his hometown in Negros.

He returned to the United States to prepare for his next match, against Jimmy McLarnin. This was a a non-title fight scheduled for July 4, 1925, at Ewing Field in Oakland. However, Villa's face became swollen due to an ulcerated tooth a few days leading to the fight.

Villa went to a dentist to have the tooth extracted on the morning of the fight, according to contemporary newspaper accounts, on the morning of the fight. He insisted on going ahead with fight with McLarnin despite suffering from the pain and swelling. Villa managed to stay the distance and lost by decision ven if he spent most of the fight using one hand to protect his afflicted face.

Villa had three more teeth extracted after an infection was discovered a few days after the McLarnin fight. However, he a spent the next few days carousing with friends against his dentist's prescription of bed rest. His condition worsened thereafter to the point that he had to be rushed to the hospital on July 13, 1925.

It was then discovered that the infection had spread to Villa's throat, resulting in Ludwig's angina. He was rushed into surgery, but he lapsed into a coma while on the table, and died the following day, July 14, 1925.

Thus ended the life of the first Pinoy World champion. In October of 1961, Villa was added by Ring Magazine to its own boxing hall of fame. He was also inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1994 becoming the second Filipino boxer so honored after Flash Elorde.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Barrera: I Know What to do to Win

I(n anticipation of his rematch against Manny Pacquiao, Marco Antonio Barrera vows to show everybody what he is really capable of in the ring. The two super feather weight super stars will have their highly anticipated rematch at the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on October 6.

In their first encounter, Pacquiao demolished Barrera in eleven rounds by Pacquiao. Barrera claimed that he was distracted because of forest fires that forced him to move his training camp in Los Angeles. The medical tests he had to undergo following claims he had a metal plate inserted to protect his brain several years before also disrupted his training.

However, Barrera has told Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer that, “I am going to show everybody now. The time I was distracted and had issues and so on but this time I know what to do to win.”

Well, we will find out if Barrera has what it takes to take out Pacquiao, when they meet again on October 6. I expect it to be an interesting fight, as Barrera wants to prove that he can beat Pacquiao while manny wants to prove that his win over Barrera was no fluke.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Pacman vs. Baby Faced Assasin 2!

Manny Pacquiao is all set for tuning up for another super fight now that all the lawsuits have been settled. The Filipino junior lightweight superstar is set to leave the Philippines for the US this week to start training at the Wild Card Gym. He is scheduled for a rematch against Mexican legend Marco Antonio Barrera at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada in Oct. 6.

Now that he has no major distractions, Manny can focus on his training for a big money fight. As for his motivation, he could earn between $6 million to $10 million in purse prize alone for the upcoming super fight and plenty more if he can win it in impressive fashion.

All I can say with this matter is, "lets get it on!!!" This fight is winnable for Manny, basing on their first encounter, where he destroyed Barrera in eleven rounds. However, that was a few years ago and things have changed. Maybe Barrera can pull it off or maybe Pacquiao will destroy him in fewer rounds. I guess we can only truly tell when the two fighters meet and slug it out inside the ring.