Monday, July 23, 2007

Update on Ala Boys' Training and Amonsot's Condition

In preparation for the August 11 'World Cup' of boxing at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California the ALA Boys are doing all the hard work at the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood. As they want to bring honor to Pinoy boxing and world title back home to the Philippines, the Pinoy fighters are giving it their best.

For instance, Rey 'Boom Boom' Bautista and AJ Banal are doing daily rounds on the punchmitt and on the hitting the heavy bag. They are undoubtedly inspired the valiant display of courage by Czar Amonsot in his losing effort against Michael Katsidis. Amonsot showed great heart in getting up after two knockdowns and making Katsidis work hard for twelve rounds to keep his title.

However, he has to be confined in the ICU at a Las Vegas Hospital after a CT Scan detected what appeared to be a “little blood clot in his brain.” The doctors in charge of his care decided to administer three more CT Scans on Czar Amonsot following initial findings that he may have had a little blood clot in his brain.

Fortunately, Tony Martin, Amonsots' cut man said that Czar is in great spirits. He was also informed by the medical staff that Czar will have one more test and he will be released with a clean bill of health should the results all be well.

He also explained that Czar has had so many tests plus the hospital because the Nevada Athletic Commission are very strict. They need to be one hundred percent sure that Amonsot is well before they can release him so that they can comply with the legal side of things.

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