Monday, July 30, 2007

Gorres may Still Fight on The "World Cup" of Boxing Despite Eye Injury

After a routine medical check up conducted on the seven Filipino boxers scheduled to battle Mexican opponents at the Arco Arena in the eagerly awaited “World Cup” of boxing, it was discovered that Z Gorres has a small tear in one of his retinas.

This discovery prompted the California Commission to withhold approval of the IBF super flyweight eliminator between Gorres and Gerson Guerrero. The current plans for the event are for to trim the number of fights in the World Cup to six and former IBF flyweight challenger Diosdado Gabi to replace Gorres.

Top Pinoy boxing trainer Edito “Ala” Villamor described Gorres as being depressed after respected boxing patron Tony Aldeguer called up Gorres and broke the sad news to him. Since he was eagerly looking forward to the fight and a chance to help the Philippines win the World Cup, it was understandable that he is feeling depressed.

Fortunately, Z “The Dream” Gorres may still fight in the World Cup in Sacramento on August 11 according to the eye specialist who performed laser surgery to correct a tiny tear in his retina. However, indications are that the flashy southpaw will not fight.

The doctor said that the operation performed on Gorres “supposed to protect the eye and cure it in sixteen days but he would know if Gorres can fight on August 11 after checking him out on August 6.”

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