Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More on Amonsot

Czar Amonsot will be released from the hospital later this day after a series of tests was conducted by specialists at the Valley Medical Center. Two CT Scans were conducted on Amonsot and one of those test showed that there was a little bit of bleeding.

This probably means that the Nevada State Athletic Commission won’t clear Amonsot to fight again. This is due to the stringent enforcement of regulations to protect fighters. Amonsot is currently being “indefinitely suspended” because of the medical findings and will not be licensed to fight again in Nevada.

However, the story does not end there. A few boxing writers have expressed their concern on the actions of Dr. David Watson, the ring side referee during the Katsidis-Amonsot fight. Richard Lois of Boxing confidential wrote about how Doctor David Watson set dangerous precedent in Katsidis’ bloody Saturday night victory and that improper boxing officials should be investigated.

Richard Lois has in fact taken it to another level by taking the liberty of starting an online petition asking the Nevada State Athletic Commission to investigate Watson's actions. If you want to support the petition, then just click here.

The brutal encounter between Amonsot and Katsidis has also triggered James Slater to compile a list of some of the worst cuts and facial wounds in recent boxing history in an article at Eastsideboxing.com. If you want to relive some of boxing's bloodiest moments, then feel free to read Mr. Slaters' Badges Of Honour article.


Tim -- tstarks2@gmail.com said...

Here's hoping Czar has a healthy, long life.

B. Bradley said...

I too hope Amonsot is alright and lives a long clean healthy life. Amonsot fought a brave fight against Michael Katsidis, but he took a lot of punches. I pray for his recovery, and apparently he was released from the hospital in good condition, so he'll be OK. Amen to that! I believe he's permanently retired though. I'm glad he didn't get hurt in the ring.