Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ceferino Garcia: Master of the Bolo Punch

Since there seems to be no interesting piece of boxing news today, I decided to feature one of the greatest Pinoy boxers. I chose Ceferino Garcia because I have heard a few things about him and I would like to know more about him in the process of writing this post.

Ceferino Garcia was born on the twenty sixth of August, 1906 in Tondo, Manila, Philippines. He fought at welterweight (147 lbs. ) and was considered one of the best fighters in his time. He is best known for being the fist user of the bolo punch. According to Boxrec.com records, he fought a total of 142 fights. He won 102 of his bouts, 67 of them by knock out, he lost 28 fights and had 12 draws.

Among many the interesting things about him is that he had a few uncredited Hollywood movie roles in the 1940s. Interestingly, he also worked as a driver and bodyguard for actress Mae West. And surprisingly, he was inducted to the Boxing Hall of Fame twice!

Now that I've given you a few interesting tidbits about this legendary Pinoy boxer, I'm going to give you the chance to learn more about him and his life. You can do that by reading this great article called the Caferino Garcia story that was written by Rolando Borrinaga. Enjoy!


jedianalyst said...

Haven't heard about him. How does the Bolo Punch work? The term has a nice ring to it. =) Good research...

merjoem32 said...

Sorry. I read the description on Wikipedia several times but I still don't comprehend how it works. I looked for videos that would demonstrate it but I found nothing.