Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thailand Fight Ban Lifted

Philippine Games and Amusements Board (GAB) Chairman Eric R. Buhain practically lifted the ban in the sending of fighters to Thailand during the meeting of boxing managers and promoters. The event was held at the spacious ballroom of the Elorde Sports Complex in Sucat, ParaƱaque City.

The ban was recently imposed as an aftermath of Lito Sisnorio’s tragic death. The unfortunate boxer's mismatches in Thailand, South Korea and back to Thailand immediately prior to his death were not sanctioned by the GAB.

During the event, Mr. Buhain also declared that requests for fights of Filipino boxers in Thailand will be evaluated and approved on a case by case basis. After hearing justifications foremost of which is that the ban unduly deprives legitimate fighters from availing fight opportunities opened to them in Thailand, Mr. Buhain decided to lift the ban. Fighters of other countries like Indonesia are now taking advantage of these opportunities.

I think that the decision to lift the ban was good for Philippine boxing because it gives more opportunities for our local fighters. However, the GAB should make sure that another tragedy will not occur. We should learn from
Lito Sisnorio’s tragic death and protect our fighters from abuse.

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