Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pacquiao to Move on After Election Loss

To the relief of Filipino boxing fans , Manny Pacquiao has said on Philippine television that he will now concentrate on his boxing after his failed congressional bid. He also said that he will go back to school and expressed his gratitude to friends and kins who supported him during the congressional race.

Pacquiao declared that he is planning to take up Political Science so that people will not look down on me. He boasted that there have been proposals that he take up Political Science at the country's top school and premier state university. There were also proposals that included other top schools i9n the country.

However, Pacquiao said that boxing will also remain on top of his priority list. He is now planning to prepare for a fight possibly against any of the top dogs in the 130-lb division on September or October 6.

It looks like Manny has regained his senses after his painful loss at the hands of Darlene Custodio or maybe he is just setting aside his political ambition. He is at his best when he is focuesd on his training so Boxing fans can rejoice with this development.

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