Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pacman KO'd !!!

According to television reports on late Thursday afternoon, Custodio led by nearly 37,000 votes over Manny in General Santos.The Namfrel tally showed that Pacquiao got 50,229 votes while the second-term lawmaker took 87,138 votes.

However, Manny has still refused to accept defeat. He said that his lawyers will question the absence of Commission on Elections (Comelec) watermarks in some election returns. Manny said in a recent interview that he will accept defeat as long as "clean elections" were held.
He also recently accused the Antoninos of raising P100 million to have him killed.

WBC head Jose Sulaiman offered a comment upon hearing news about Pacquiao's impending defeat in the elections. Sulaiman was quoted as saying "Manny Pacquiao’s legendary timing is off….politically wise!" He also mentioned that Manny "doesn’t appear to be having the same dynamic impact at the ballot box, as he does in the ringed square." Sulaiman further told the that, "Manny Pacquiao made a mistake at this particular time. He should have run for politics, after retirement from boxing."
This should wake Manny up from his hallucinations. Now that he has lost his honor and a few million pesos in the elections he can focus on boxing. After all, winning in the ring is the best way that he can regain both of them.

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