Friday, May 11, 2007

ALA Boys Dominate In Quezon City

It seems that more boxers from the famed ALA Gym in Cebu will follow in the footsteps of emerging boxing stars Rey “Boom-Boom” Bautista and AJ “Bazooka” Banal. The three pugilist displayed their wares in Barangay Toro, Quezon City last night.

ALA boy Along Denoy scored a 4th round TKO win against veteran Roberto Rubillar in the main event of the evening. The fight was held at the 112-pound limit. The ferocious Denoy finally dropped Rubillar when he nailed the latter with a perfect semi-uppercut to the midsection midway in the 4th round, after gaining little headway in the earlier rounds on the defensively-minded Rubillar. Rubillar simply shook his head when asked by Referee Warren Jaro if he was fit to continue even if he managed to beat the count. this prompted the referee to stop the fight at the fourth round.

Milan Melindo, another rising talent displayed fine boxing technique to outbox Wendell Cajoles over ten rounds. He won via a unanimous decision by the scores of 100-91, 99-91, and 99-91. Melindo also showed superb defense effectively blocking many of Cajoles’ punches with his gloves while evading the others with excellent footwork and good head movement. Melindo used a variety of punches in scoring punishing shots on Cajoles although the latter managed to stay on his feet and finished the round.

ALA upstart Joseph Omanz and Jun Piasidad in the super-bantamweight division were fighting on even terms. That is until Piasidad finally succumbed to Omanz’ pounding of his body. Piasidad was able to block most of Omanz’ wild hooks and crosses and scoring some crisp counters in the process but a left hook in the 4th round sent him sprawling to the canvas, obviously in great pain. He did manage to get up upon the prompting of his corner but went down the second time after Omanz pummeled him again with vicious hooks to the body. Omanz was awarded a TKO win in 1:06 of the 4th round improving his professional record to 6-0 when Piasidad could no longer continue.

It seems that Philippine boxing is booming at this point. The success of Manny Pacquiao has inspired a lot of talented fighters to work hard. Manny's success has also placed more attention to Filipino boxing talent across the country. Hopefully, we will have another world champion in the coming years.

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