Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nike Immortalizes Manny Pacquaio's Crest!

A Nike endorsement for Manny Pacquiao has added more glamor to The Pinoy boxing icon's superstar status. Pacquiao will be wearing a red-and-white robe with his personalized crest emblazoned at the back on Oct. 6 when he enters the ring to face Marco Antonio Barrera for the second time.

Mike Friolo designed the crest or coat-of-arms at the Nike Asia-Pacific headquarters in Beaverton,Oregon. The crest was then approved by Pacquiao. The conceptualization and execution process of the design took eight months. Nike also developed an identity mark or logo for the Philippine boxing superstar. The identity mark and crest are featured in Pacquiao dri-fit T-shirts.

Manny Pacquiao's crest is similar to Nike’s execution of the Michael Jordan anniversary shoe because it is full of graphic detail. The Filipino boxing star's 44 wins are depicted in the tattoo-style waves at the top of the crest. Pacquiao's national following is symbolized by six bare fists in arms and the left-handed gloved fist at the center that rises above the rest expresses his punching power. The Filipino flag is represented by the rising sun. The rest of the crest's symbols, as well as downloads,pics and more can be found at:


Mico Blanco said...

Yeah! Pacman is very popular and even nike wanted him to be their endorser. It is very great feeling seeing a poor but hardworking man like Manny struggles in his life and now he is one of the wealthiest men in the Philippines.

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Maddie said...

i cant wait for the pacquaio / de la hoya fight today!!! go oscar lol