Monday, September 17, 2007

2005 KO of the Year!

This is the video of the Ring magazines' "Knock Out of the Year" for 2005. This brutal KO is more popularly called the "18 second knockout." It happened at the Buffalo Run Casino, in Miami, Oklahoma, during the bout between super middleweight contenders, Alan "Sweetness" Green and Jaidon "The Don" Codrington.

Coming into the fight, Green had a record of 17 wins no losses and draws with 11 knockouts while Codrington had a perfect record of 9 wins no losses or draws with all of his wins coming by way of knockout. Every one expected this bout to be exciting but no one expected it to end so brutally quick.

Fortunately, there seems to be no permanent damage to Codrington after his experience with the explosive fists of Alan Green. He has since recovered from the brutal knock out and has won 8 straight fights to improve his record to 17-1-0 1 with 13 knock outs.

On the other hand, Green's career experienced a few bumps after he victimized Codrington. For instance, he came in overconfident and careless against his former sparring mate, Donny McCrary. McCrary knocked down Green in the third round but Green managed to survived and went back and knocked McCrary out in the sixth round.

Green scored a big win by knocking out Olympian and fellow top contender Jerson Ravelo in the 8th round. However, he performed badly against Edison Miranda and lost by unanimous decision in ten rounds. Miranda was knocked down in the eight round but he dominated reen and knocked him down twice in the tenth round. Green has started his comeback with a first round knockout of journeyman Darrell Woods.

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