Thursday, September 13, 2007

Impressive Pacquiao KO Video

I've just began experimenting with posting videos on this Philippine boxing blog. I thought it would be more exciting as boxing is best exemplified by action on the ring. And so I decided to post more videos of Pinoy boxing stars and prospects as well as other exciting boxing bouts that do not involve Filipino boxers. I know that boxing fans love watching KO's so I will also post videos of the best KO's in boxing on my my future post.

I think that it's fitting to begin with a Manny Pacquiao KO...

This is one of Pacquiao's most impressive KO. He knocked out Fahsan 3K Battery with a thunderous left uppercut which lifted the poor Thai's feet off the canvas.

As impressive as this knock out was Pacquiao was actually criticized for his performance. 3K Battery was meant to be a sacrificial lamb as Pacquiao wanted to perform in front of his country men. Perhaps it was because of this situation that he did not train seriously for this fight. Boxing analyst observed that Pacquiao was huffing and puffing by the third round indicating poor conditioning. Fortunately, The Filipino boxing icon was able to connect with power punches in the fourth round culminating with the perfect left uppercut that left 3K battery unconscious.

After his KO loss to Pacquiao, 3K battery has won fourteen straight bouts and has improved his record to 58-8-1 with 35 knockouts. His winning streak has allowed him to get a crack at the current IBF super bantamweight champion Steve "The Canadian Kid" Molitor in October. This will be a tough fight for Fahsan as Molitor is undefeated in 24 fights with 10 knockouts and is about six years younger.

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