Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Trouble in Pacquiao Training Camp!

Philippine boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao's training camp experienced a bit of trouble a few days ago. The cause of the trouble was the huge turnout of spectators who came to the gym to watch Pacquiao in training. Pinoy boxing fans numbering over a hundred flocked the Rex 'Wakee' Salud gym, raising questions as to why they were allowed inside the heavily-guarded gym while Pacquiao was training.

Understandably, highly respected boxing trainer Freddie Roach was not pleased with the distractions to Pacquiao's training. Roach was so frustrated with the lack of security in the gym that he has threatened to pull-out and return to Los Angeles. Although Roach appreciate the love and support of the fans, he has no choice but to limit the number of gym spectators.

In response to Roach's complaint, Gym owner Rex 'Wakee' Salud, promised to impose a "No Pass, No Entry" policy. Roach has expressed that Salud should keep his promise to prevent fans from jamming the gym and effectively distracting Pacquiao or he will go back to the US. He is also implementing a no-video camera policy when it comes to Pacquiao's sparring sessions.

Fortunately, Rex 'Wakee' Salud has made good on his promise to keep the fans away from Pacquiao's training. Those who were not part of Team Pacquiao were kept outside the gym when Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao started his 3PM workout with Freddie Roach.

This is exactly why many Pinoy boxing fans were concerned when Pacquiao decided to train in the Philippines. We know that Pacquiao couldn’t focus on his first fight against Erik “El Terrible” Morales and eventually lost when fans crowded the Wild Card Gym.

I am also concerned with reports that Pacquiao is playing basketball while in the midst of his training. He may suffer an unnecessary injury and this kinds of activities will divert his focus from his upcoming bout. Let us hope that Pacquiao will focus all his energies into his training and get into the best shape possible when he meets Marco Antonio Barrera for the second time.

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