Monday, August 6, 2007

Mayol Losses, Conception Wins Impressively

July was a lucky month for Pinoy boxing but August does not seem to be a very auspicious one for Philippine boxing. Rodel Mayol's painful KO loss to Ulises Solis is an example of the ominous boxing results fort this month.

It was a painful loss, as Mayol seems to be in control of the fight. However, he made one crucial mistake and paid a heavy price for it. IBF light flyweight champion Ulises Solis nailed Mayol him with a cracking right hook that sent him crashing to the canvas as he was going after the IBF champion.

Fortunately, there also some bright moments for Pinoy boxing in this early part of August. Bernabe Concepcion of the Aljoe Jaro stable shined in an impressive 4th round TKO win over Gabriel Elizondo (23-3 10KOs) at the All-State arena in Rosemont, Illinois. He dominated Elizondo and finally put him down in the fourth.

The brave but out matched Elizondo wanted to continue despite being hurt and even asked the referee for an eight count. However, it wss clear that he was being dominated by the much stronger Concepcion and would only get hurt if the referee allowed the fight to continue.

Elizondo now has a 23-3 10KOs record after his loss. One of his notable wins was against Glen Donaire the older brother of current IBF champ, Nonito Donaire. On the other hand, Concepcion improved his record to 22-1-1 with 12 KO's.

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