Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Manny's Arrival Relieves Freddie Roach

Upon hearing that Filipino ring idol Manny Pacquiao will be in Los Angeles today, celebrated trainer Freddie Roach can now ease his worries. He is currently with Team Philippines in Sacramento as the Pinoy boboxing starts prepares for the World Cup showdown with Mexico at the Arco Arena this weekend.

According to Rob Peters, one of Roach’s assistants at the Wild Card Gym, he was going to pick up Pacquiao at the airport. Freddie Roach and all the people at the gym were reportedly "very happy" that Pacquiao was finally in Los Angeles and ready to begin training for the rematch with Marco Antonio Barrera on October 6 after so many postponements.

It is estimated that Pacquiao will be able to get in shape for Barrera in seven weeks. Since Manny works so hard when he is in training camp, seven weeks will be enough. Meanwhile, Barrera is said to have already begun training and was also "considering going up to Big Bear" where he used to train before. This is unexpected since Barrera had to abandon the training camp because of raging forest fires in the area prior to his first clash with Pacquiao.

"World Cup" of Boxing Update

It has been announced that the Bert Batawang-Gerardo Verde IBF eliminator has been canceled. Since Verde did not pass medical test due to detached retinas, he cannot compete in the event. This means that the World Cup will only have six fights.

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