Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Very Impressive Pacman Knock Out Video!

Today I felt a bit disappointed when I heard that Pinoy boxing prospect, Rodel Mayol suffered a KO defeat because he took a fight on short notice. Luckily I found this great Manny Pacquiao video to cheer me up.


Manny really looked like a monster in this video. he was still at the 122 lbs. division in this stage of his career. He was punching so hard at super bantamweight that you can hear his punches hit Julio.

Anyway, back to Mayol. I followed Mayol's career since he was still a young ALA boy in Cebu. He had great power but made some costly mistakes in his first two world title challenges. This third devastating loss will likely derail his career.

The was that he had no choice but to take this fight because he needed the money. apparently his wife just gave birth and his purse will take care of his wife's expenses. Since this fight was taken at short notice, Mayol was out of shape and ultimately lost the fight. The sad thing is that Mayol is supposedly being scheduled for a third crack at a world title. He can say goodbye to that chance now.

This does not seem to be a good start for Philippine boxing. Earlier this year, Z Gorres did not have enough stamina to outbox Darchinyan en route to a controversial split draw. The only consolation we have is that Bernabe Concepcion defended his NABF title and won by unanimous decision.

I hope our Pinoy boxers can put an end to the shaky start we have this year. And I also hope you'll enjoy the KO video! :)

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