Friday, February 1, 2008

Now or Never: Gorres vs. Darchinyan

The exciting bout between Z "the Dream" Gorres and Vic "the Raging Bull" Darchinyan is only about 12 hours away at the writing of this post.

Will this be a big win for Gorres or will this be the start of a come back for Darchinyan. I guess we'll see tonight.

I'm excited that's for sure. Of course I'm rooting for the Pinoy boxing prospect since I'm Filipino. But that doesn't min that I'm sure Gorres will win. Darchinyan is a very dangerous opponent especially because of his power. He is also a former champion who wants to get back to his former glory.

The Raging Bull has declared that,“If I catch him I will knock him out and twelve rounds is a long time to run.” That probably sums up Darchinyan's strategy for this fight. He will rely heavily on his punching power and attempt to knock Gorres out.

Gorres has his advantages in this fight. He probably has the advantage in speed and technical skills over Darchinyan. Then there is also his age. He is 25 years old while Darchinyan is 32 which is old for a super flyweight. Maybe Darchinyan's chin has still not recovered from Nonito Donaire's left hook. And of course, Gorres will have the support of Philippine boxing fans in Cebu.

I think the key to winning this fight for the Filipino boxing prospect is to box smartly, have enough stamina to avoid Darchinyan's bombs, and exploit his opponents leaky defense.

Well, i think I can say nothing more but good luck to both fighters. i hope that they will bring boxing fans an entertaining fight.


jerryfoogy said...

gorres should not be dubbed as the DREAM! u know why? he don't fight lyk what manny and nonito did! looks lyk he didn't prepare for this fight? he's too soft konting bangga lang tumba agad~! dapat sa kanya pang 4 rounders lang sya... thats why everytym i hear him fight? i don't want to watch it because everytime he has the opportunity to knock his opponents out? u cannot see him barging to his opponents to knock it out! he don't have a combination punches! sasakit lang ANG DIBDIB MO KUNG MANONOOD KA NG LARO NYA!!!! BOBO KUNG MAGLARO NG BOXING.... para sa akin talo sya kay darchinyan who is also bobo sa boxing!!!!!! isang uppercut lang yun sabay cross to the chin bagsak na yun!!! kaya lang si gorres parang hindi boxer takot tamaan ng suntok? walang determination walang will to win.... u know i am a big pinoy boxing fan!!! naiinis lang ako sa style ng laro ni Gorres!!!! bisaya jud!!! salto kaaauuuuu........

jerryfoogy said...

if he(Gorres) will not change his fighting style i don't think his Dream will become a reality guys...... his dream will still rermain a dream.......tsk...tsk... his fight should not be dubbed as "now or never" dapat "never and never will"....

merjoem32 said...

I understand your frustration. I am also disappointed in Gorres performance. He has a stamina problem against Montiel and I expected him to have much better conditioning against Darchinyan. However, he was winded by the eight round and had practically lost his leg on the rest of the fight.

However, i was more disappointed at the Cebu boxing fans who threw objects at the referee, Darchinyan, and at Vic's trainers. It was plain wrong and I feel ashamed for what they did.