Monday, January 21, 2008

RJJ Triumphant Plus Pinoy Boxing Updates

Roy Jones Junior emerged victorious over fellow faded superstar, Felix "Tito" Trinidad in their light heavyweight match up last weekend.

Jones proved to be the dominant fighter and scored two knockdowns during the fight. The final scored tallied 116-110 twice and 117-109 all for RJJ.

Well, I think the outcome was really no surprise at all. I was hoping Trinidad would win because I am a Tito fan but Jones was really to big for him. Tito was dominant at 147 while Jones managed to win a heavyweight belt.

Trinidad also had difficulty against P4P fighters who were heavier than him. He Hopkins, Wright ans now Jones has proven that Trinidad did not have the explosive power he possessed at welterweight.

So what does this mean for both fighters? For Roy Jone Junior, well this victory will probably open the possibility of another fight for Roy. He has a lot of fans and he has a big name so promoters will be willing to find a lucrative bout for him.

And for Tito? Well, retirement is probably the best option. He has lost his last two fights and he will not be able to attract promoters to set him up for another big payday. He should not surrender the spotlight to fellow Puerto Rican, Miguel Cotto.

Filipino Boxing Updates
Donaire to Help Gorres

There have been reports that Donaire will help Gorres as he train for his match up against Vic Darchinyan. I think this is a good idea because Nonito is the only fighter to have beaten Vic. His experience will be valuable in helping Z Gorres deal with Darchinyan.

Darchinyan's main weapon is his power while Gorres has superb boxing skills. If Gorres can dodge Vic's power punches, exploit his opponent's poor defense and use the hometown support then perhaps he will deliver Vic's second career loss. However, if Darchinyan can use his power to derail Gorres' game plan then he will probably win by knockout.

Gorres has been impressive in his workouts so perhaps he will be fully prepared in this fight. His conditioning failed him against Fernando Montiel and cost him a world title. Let's hope he will be able to avoid or deflect Vic'c bombs through out the fight.

Local Fights

The ALA gym continues to produce talented fighter as one of the vaunted ALA boys displayed his boxing prowess in the ring. Ala boy, Jomar Omaz passed his acid test when he tangled against tough veteran Pedro Malco.

Malco has the same number of wins as his losses but he has experience against world class competition. He has lasted the distance against top Thai fighters including, Terdsak Jandaeng and Ratanachai Sor Vorapin.

Omanz scored a knockdown in this match up but did not escape unscathed as Malco landed his own share of power punches. Omanz's skill and talent proved to be the difference in this fight and came out the victor with a unanimous decision victory.

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