Friday, January 25, 2008

Marco Antonio Barrera to Make A Splash in Pinoy Ad Market

It seems that the Baby Faced Assassin will grace the Filipino TV screen with his acting talent. Apparently, the Mexican boxing star will test his luck on the Filipino advertisement industry. You can check out this story and other boxing articles at

The information about this bit of news came from Barrera's cutman, Tony Rivera. Rivera told a reporter that, "It's a done deal,we're just waiting for the paperwork. However, Rivera did not reveal the name of the company that will be promoted by the Mexican legend.

Maybe he wants to enjoy the same success as his compatriot, Erik Morales. El Terrible has starred in a few commercials in the Philippines including a San Miguel Beer commercial with Manny Pacquiao. Here is a video of one of Erik's commercials in the Philippines.

I think Erik looked good looked in that ad with Pinoy boxing star, Manny Pacquiao. Even Freddie Roach was given a break in that one.

Anyway, it seems that Barrera is not going to do ads in the Philippines. Barrera is also interested in investing in the Philippines. He is planning to establish gyms and discover Pinoy boxing talent. He knows by experience that Filipinos have great potential as boxers.

I hope that Barrera will be able to make a commercial in the Philippines. Pinoy boxing fans have a lot of respect for him and will surely welcome him into the country and give him a taste of our hospitality.

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