Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PacMan Wins by Split Decision!

After twelve rounds of hard fought rounds, two of three judges gave the nod towards Pinoy boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao. With this close win, Pacquiao solidifies his claim as the top 130lb fighter in the world.

Personally, I thought Marquez won. I thought that Pacquiao did not work hard enough to win the last two rounds to secure the victory. If he had been more active in the eleventh and twelfth rounds, then I don't think that a lot of people would argue that Marquez won. Then again, maybe I'm not just satisfied with Manny's performance so I came under the impression that he was not active enough in the last couple of rounds

It was a close fight so it's understandable that boxing fans have different opinions about who won. The knockdown scored by Manny in the fourth round probably won him the match but I admire Juan Manuel Marquez for getting up and surviving the fifth round. I really thought that Pacquiao would finish him off since he was very unsteady when he came out at round five.

I can also understand that Marquez felt that he was robbed again. The fight was close so I can't blame him for thinking that he won. I also know that he has a lot of pride so losing this fight is hard for him to accept.

I think the more important matter to think about now is a third bout between these warriors. Arum said that an immediate third fight between the two would not be profitable. That means the best we can hope for is that Pac-Marquez 3 will be at the final months of the year. Arum wants to match Pacquiao against David Diaz next so I'm not sure if a third match between Manny and Marquez will happen this year.

All we can do is hope that a third match between them will indeed happen. It might be at light weight but I'm sure that they will bring us another classic.


jartten said...

I watched the fight 3x the day after the Paquiao - Marquez II and I'm satisfied about the verdict as a split decision. Try to score it honestly without any favor and I'm sure you will get the result same as what the judge scored the fight 114-113 in favor of Pacquiao. Try to be a sensible person! Marquez was knocked down 4 times overall in a 24 rounds of his fight under the fist of Pacquiao. That could not be the basis that Pacquiao really hurts JMM? Don't be "DAMN". Quit....much better.

merjoem32 said...

Fair enough. I did not score the fight in favor of anyone. In fact, I was rooting for Pacquiao since I'm Filipino. Also, I don't think scoring the fight for Marquez is being insensible because it was a close fight. Pacquiao clearly had the more powerful punches in that fight but Marquez also won many of those rounds.

It's obvious that you are a Pacman fan. But wouldn't a knockout victory for Pacquiao better? That's what I meant when I said that I was unsatisfied with Manny's performance. I thought he would be able to finish Marquez off after the knock down. But then again, Marquez is a special fighter and he was able to survive and had his moments in the fight.

arjel said...

Well I agree that Pacquiao's performance was unsatisfactory, but the fight only shows that between the two fighters Marquez is the one who cannot afford to commit mistakes in order to win.

arjel said...
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