Friday, December 14, 2007

The Manny Pacquiao of the 70's

I found out about this great video from a boxing forum...

The star of that video is Ben Villaflor one of the former Pinoy boxing champions. He held the WBA world Junior Lightweight (now called Super Featherweight) championship during part of the 1970s. He won the wored championship belt by knocking out the champion Kuniaki Shibata in the first round (see the video above). The two combatants fought to a 15 round draw when they fought about seven months before the fight.

Some people describe him as the Pacman of the 70's because of his Southpaw style and his punching power. Of course, it might also be reversed it and we can also describe Manny as the Ben Villaflor of today.

Villaflor ended his career with a record of 54 wins (31 KO's) , 8 losses and seven draws. Six of his losses happened during the early part of his career. He fought for the last time when he lost the title to fellow 130 pound great Samuel Serrano by unanimous decision. Villaflor was never stopped in his career and stands among the best fighters in Philippine boxing history.

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