Friday, November 9, 2007

Darchinyan VS. Gorres on March!

Pinoy boxing prospect Z :the Dream" Gorres will have his second chance in the spotlight when he takes on the very Dangerous Vic Darchinyan next year.

Golden Boy Promotions and Gary Shaw Promotions have finally managed to secure the elimination bout after hard rounds of negotiation.

The fight will be not be staged in either fighter’s home soil much to trhe dismay of the fighter's teams. Instead the bout will be on the undercard of Israel Vasquez vs Rafael Marquez contest for the WBC super bantamweight title.

This promises to be an exciting fight from the perspectives of styles. Gorres is a skilled boxer who uses his skills to outpoint his opponent while Darchinyan relies largely on his power to pound his opponent to the canvass.

This will not be an easy one for Gorres, as Darchinyan though old and has little defense is an experienced fighter. Vic has fought good competition when he defended his IBF title several times. Gorres also has a tendency to fade in the late rounds and I don't think he has the power to KO Darchinyan. Vic also wants to regain his honor after Donaire shamed him. And what better way to do that than to KO a Filipino boxing top prospect like Gorres.


MMAMeetsBoxing said...

I thought Vic was going to rematch with Donnaire??

merjoem32 said...

I don't know. Maybe he is moving up in weight. It seems they are having problems with promoting this fight. Let's just see.